​Private sessions are the best way to study Pilates as you work on all the equipment and have the instructor's full attention.
Private sessions are designed entirely around your individual needs and goals. Session are available in studio or online.

Private Sessions can only be booked by email-​
First Private session is half price*


Privates sessions are for 1 person with 1 instructor and are based on all equipment. Private sessions can be booked at your convenience depending on availability.

Private sessions are required if you are injured or have health issues as we will be able to address your needs.
Private sessions are the best way to start
 Pilates as it will ensure you learn the correct technique as quickly as possible.

First private session 1/2 Price £32.50*
*available for London residents only
*available only with Level V*, V or VI Teacher

Session with Level IV* Teacher/Teacher Trainer 

Rebecca Convey 


  • Single Session     -    £80

  • 30 mins Session  -    £40

  • 5 Class Series     -    £365

  • 10 Class Series    -    £700

Session with Level V Guest Teacher 

Jane Allan (not currently available)

  • Single Session     -    £80

  • 30 mins Session  -    £40

  • 5 Class Series     -    £365

  • 10 Class Series    -     £700

Session with Level V* Teacher 

Mark, James,  Aafje


  • Single Session     -    £65

  • 30 mins Session  -    £32.50

  • 5 Class Series     -    £315         

  • 10 Class Series    -    £600

Session with Level V Teacher 

Tracey, Celina, Caroline, Gilli, Saskia

  • Single Session    -   £60

  • 30 mins Session -    £30

  • 5 Class Series    -    £290

  • 10 Class Series   -    £550

Sessions with Level VI Apprentice Teacher*

currently no apprentice teacher available

  • Single session    -    £50

  • 5 Class Series    -    £240

  • 10 Class Series   -    £450


*Teacher Levels Explained

  • Level IV Teacher is the most Senior Teacher at Kinetic Pilates and a Romana's Pilates Certified Teacher Trainer.

  • Level V* is a Senior Teacher at Kinetic Pilates based on experience and continuing professional education.

  • Level V is a Fully Certified Teacher at Kinetic Pilates.

  • Level VI Teachers are certified to teach up to Intermediate Level and have completed over 400-600 hours of training.


Semi-Private or Duet sessions are for 2 people (of similar experience or level) and 1 instructor and are based on all equipment.

If the studio finds you a partner for an ongoing session then these sessions are booked in 6-7 week terms at an agreed upon weekly time.

Sessions missed with 24 hours or more notice can be made up in another scheduled duet or GEC class or by paying an additional £30 and take a private session.

Duet Sessions can be booked as and when you want if you find your own partner, the studio is not responsible for finding you a duet partner. 

Semi-Private/Duet Session 


  • with Level IV Teacher £50 pp

  • with Level V* & V Teacher £40 pp


Booked in 6-7 week terms, payable upfront & non-refundable

Semi-Private/Duet Partnerships must be approved by instructor.



All private sessions take place in our Studio.
4 Ossian Mews London N4 4DT
Please see Studio Policies - if you have any practical questions.


All private sessions take place via Zoom., links are emailed out before the session.


t: +44 (0) 7889146857             

4 - 6 Ossian Mews, London N4 4DT

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