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Romana's Pilates Level III

Principal Teacher Trainer

Studio Director

Rebecca Convey opened Kinetic Pilates in 2009, in Stroud Green to offer classical Pilates training in North London. Rebecca was a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and actor before teaching Pilates. She is originally from Vancouver Canada but now lives in London with her husband and 2 little girls. 

Rebecca was trained as a Romana's Pilates instructor in London, under 
Stephanie Guimond (Instructor Trainer Level IV). She was tested by Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Level II based in  The Hague, Holland) and was certified in New York by Sari Mejia (Grand Master Instructor Level I). 

Rebecca graduated with a Masters Degree in Choreography in 2006 from Middlesex University in London and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Simon Fraser University in Canada. Rebecca's work as a dancer and choreographer has seen her perform in Canada, London and Europe. 

She has been teaching dance for over twenty years and was head of the dance and BTEC department at The Susi Earnshaw Theatre School until she left in 2010 to have her first baby. She was artistic director of 
Kinetic Dance Company, a youth dance company based in, North London. 

Rebecca started training in Pilates while studying for her Masters Degree and fell in love with it. It was a natural progression for her to become a Pilates Instructor. She offers clients her experience and expertise and gives each client the attention they need for the best results. She is passionate about how Pilates can help everyone, even after 2 
pregnancies,  2 emergency caesarians, a car accident and a list of dance related injuries, her body feels stronger and is in less pain than it was 10 years ago--thanks to Pilates. 

Rebecca is a Level III
 Romana's Pilates Instructor Trainer and is certified to supervise the teacher training programme.

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