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"I am More Confident About My Body"

I am addicted to Pilates. After years of my osteopath pleading with me to join a Pilates class to strengthen my 'core' in order to help alleviate a neck injury, I finally went to see Rebecca when a close friend recommended her. After doing a private lesson to introduce myself to the process I decided to join a mat class and persuaded my husband to join shortly after. I thought it would be sedentary and boring, but it was dynamic and exciting. We both love it. We feel stronger/fitter than we have felt in years. I much prefer it to yoga which I did out of a sense of duty. My terrible back troubles have almost disappeared. I am more confident about my body (which took a battering after having two children) and my shape has changed for the better. Rebecca is diligent about technique and responds to the individual's needs. The classes are small so there is attention to detail. She explains things clearly and she is able to inspire and get the best out of us. She's also a lot of fun which contributes significantly to our desire to return week after week.



"No More Back Pain, No More Pain Killers"


Pilates class has helped me get rid of my chronic back and neck pain. I have suffered from back pain for about 10 years and it had been getting progressively worse. I finally had an MRI done about 6 months ago followed by a handful of sessions with a Physiotherapist who advised me to take up Pilates.  After about 5 or 6 classes, I realised that I had not felt stiff or experienced pain since I started. I used to take a couple of paracetamol each night before going to bed otherwise I would wake up incredibly stiff and in pain – no more pain, no more pain killers. Thank you!


"Worth Every Penny and Fun to Boot"

I have been with Rebecca at Kinetic Pilates for over two years. My weekly Pilates sessions keep my back problems and sciatica under control and moreover Rebecca is the best instructor I have come across. Worth every penny and fun to boot. 


"I Want to Keep Doing Class Forever"

After having a baby, I was in dire need of targeted and appropriate exercise particularly for my stomach. Rebecca's classes helped me reconnect with my body, and build more strength that I would have thought possible. Thanks to Rebecca, I'm stronger and fitter than I was before having kids. I also used to suffer from a bad back quite regularly, but my back has been strong and trouble free since I joined Rebecca's class. She is an intuitive and deeply knowledgeable Pilates practitioner, and I want to keep doing classes with her forever!  

"Small Classes & a friendly Instructor"

Pilates was suggested to me, on more than one occasion, after I stopped dancing and lost muscle tone. I started mat classes with James at Kinetic Pilates, twice a week. Within the first month I could see and feel a difference: my dancing is cleaner, my stomach is noticeably more toned and I have began to even out the imbalances in my lower body. James has helped me adjust exercises to fit my body and given me the motivation to do the exercises in my own time. Kinetic Pilates is perfect for me, with small classes and a friendly instructor who makes time for everyone.

"Invaluable For a Back Weakness"


I started with Rebecca well over a year ago as a complete Pilates beginner. At first I couldn't feel much effect on my body and found learning the exercises a bit of a challenge, but with Rebecca's patience and humour I have progressed to some advanced exercises and can use muscles I never knew I had! The Pilates has proved invaluable for combating a recurring back weakness and various aches and pains and the positive vibes in the studio seem to have an uplifting effect on your day - an added bonus!       

"Makes Me Feel Happier and Stronger"


Before discovering Kinetic Pilates and Rebecca, I had never committed to any form of exercise for very long.   Almost two years later, my twice weekly sessions have made me feel happier and stronger.  A perfect corner of N4 to meet up with friends, to get fit and to have some fun!


"Small, Stimulating Classes"

After having had problems with my back for the last few years I decided to try Pilates. Only a few weeks into the mat classes with James it had strengthened my back, and made me more generally 'centred'. The classes are small and James is really attentive to individual requirements, whilst making the sessions exciting and stimulating for everyone.


"An Essential Part of Staying Healthy and in Good Shape"


As someone well over 6 foot tall and who, working in finance, spends far too long stationary at a desk looking at too many screens, studying Pilates over the last 6 years has proved invaluable in managing what had become a very painful back condition by my early 30's. I now view regular Pilates as an essential part of staying healthy, strong and generally in good shape. Having studied at several studios previously, I have now definitely found a home in Kinetic Pilates. Rebecca is an outstanding teacher with a great set up and teaching team. Would happily recommend them and the studio to anyone.

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