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 Kinetic Pilates uses only the finest classical equipment available. 
We are a fully equipped studio and use only
 Gratz Industries and Purist Pilates equipment,

both are made to very strict standards. 
We offer a full range of classes to meet everyone's needs. 
All equipment is used in
 Private & Duet Sessions and the Wall-Unit/Towers are used in the Group Equipment Classes. 

Gratz Industries is the company that Joseph Pilates originally used to build his designs.

Gratz have been crafting this specialized equipment for over 50 years and it is the best known brand of classical Pilates equipment available.

Gratz sets the industry standard for Pilates equipment. 

  • - Universal Reformer

  • - Cadillac

  • - Wall Unit/Tower

  • - Wunda Chair

  • - High Chair

  • - Pedi-Pole

  • - Ladder Barrel

  • - Spine Corrector

  • - Small Barrell

  • - High Mat

  • - Foot Corrector

  • - Wrist Strengthener

  • - Neck Stretcher

  • - Breath-A-Cizer

Kinetic Pilates is a Gratz Industries featured studio.

Purist Pilates is a small bespoke classical Pilates equipment maker based in England UK.

Purist Pilates is the result of creator Jeremy Armstrong's love of the Pilates method and his desire to build equipment to strict standards.

Purist Pilates' headquarters are conveniently located a 5 minute walk from Kinetic Pilates studios.

  • - Classical Reformer

  • - Cadillac

  • - Spine Corrector

  • - Wunda Chair

  • - Wall unit/Tower

  • - Low Mat

  • - Ladder Barrel

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