Group Classes are offered at Kinetic Pilates to be able to offer classes to everyone regardless of their budget. 
We offer 
Group Equipment Classes for up to 4 people and Group Mat Classes for up to 5 people in studio and simultaneously online. 

If you are just starting out or would like to see results as quickly as possible we suggest taking private sessions, 
as they are the best way to study Pilates; however group classes are a more affordable option. 


Group equipment classes are for 2-5 people based on the Mat, the 'Tower' or 'Wall unit' and the Reformer. This gives participants the opportunity to work in a small group maximizing personal attention and to work with the springs. Working with the springs is integral to getting the most out of your Pilates. 


Group mat classes are classes for a maximum of 8 people and are based on the mat and uses small props such as magic circles (Pilates rings), and arm weights when needed. We follow the classical mat order and run weekly basic, intermediate and advanced classes.



Kinetic Pilates is now providing online private sessions and mat classes.  Online classes are bookable online, to access the classes you will need a Mindbody login. If you do not have one, and need help setting one up please email us. 

All Group Classes take place in our 'Group Studio' -

4 Ossian Mews London N4 4DT

Please see Studio Policies if you have any practical questions