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Romana’s Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Instructor

As an alumnus of Cambridge University and Guy’s Hospital Medical School, Gilli had a long career in hospital medicine. Upon retiring from medicine, Gilli's passion for Pilates lead her to Kinetic Pilates.

Gilli had been doing Pilates as a client for over 10 years and started with Kinetic Pilates in 2016. Gilli is never idle and loves to play tennis and golf and found that Pilates helped her gain strength and flexibility and helped her game as well as making her feel generally fitter and better.


Gilli started the Kinetic Pilates Training Programme in 2017. Throughout her apprenticeship she has shown unbelievable improvement and her hard work have made her strong and a truly advanced Pilates body. Gilli has been able to fix structural issue with her body that goes to show that improvements can be made at any age and she continuely inspires us at the studio.

After completing her training she plans to work especially with older people and those with neurological problems. Her aim is to apply Joseph Pilates’ and Romana's methods to improve her client's flexibility, muscle strength and posture.

Gilli's passion, dedication and work ethic make her a wonderful teacher, you are in good hands with her.

Gilli runs Freedom Pass Pilates on Wednesdays afternoon and an Online Chair Pilates on Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings.

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