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I would recommend Pilates to any professional athlete.
It's a very important base to have aS IT HELPS YOU ATTAIN A WELL BALANCED BODY, as well  strengthenING postural muscles and alignment, which is very important for any physical sport..."
Antoine GouneT
Professional Footballer

At Kinetic Pilates, we have worked with many athletes from professionals to weekend enthusiasts. What they all have in common is that Pilates can help them perform better at their chosen sport. We offer a full range of classes including private sessions and group classes in a fully equipped studio



Pilates is a lot more than a gentle breathing and stretching system for people who can’t do anything more strenuous. Pilates offers the potential of a challenging, dynamic full-body workout that is second to none. 

Pilates is not a “sport”, it is a method of corrective exercise that improves strength, flexibility, muscular control, coordination, alignment, balance and posture. For this reason it makes a great base and cross training activity for all sports. 

Pilates has been used by high level athletes since the very earliest days. Many of Joe Pilates´ first clients were boxers, skiers and athletes.

Many sports need core strength, but do not develop it (swimming, rowing), or they create physical imbalances (tennis, golf, football) or postural problems (gymnastics).


Pilates develops core strength, and the full traditional system that we teach at Kinetic Pilates is ideal for athletes as it has an almost endless range of physical challenges. 


Yoga tends to open the body without keeping the core strong (Ashtanga is the nearest thing to an exception). More advanced yoga also stretches beyond the natural movement of the joint, which can create instability. 

For people who love yoga, Pilates can bring you more strength and stability to deepen and root your experience of Asana. For Ashtanga fans Pilates can help you get your jump through!



Modern weight lifting in its various forms and Pilates are cousins, both “descendants” of the physical culture of the early C20, but the strengthening work of modern body building and weight lifting tightens the body and without equally disciplined stretching this can lead to stiffness and discomfort in the body. 

Pilates stretches and aligns the body which corrects your posture so that you don’t develop the “ape man” look which some lifters get. It is also the most complete way to work your core, assure balanced development and work the “little muscles” in a much deeper way than conventional resistance training. 

men find that a combination of Pilates and conventional weight training (using Pilates principles) is perfect for creating the sort of body that they want.


Aerobics, walking, jogging and cycling all burn fat and work the heart and legs, but the way that they shape the body often exaggerates imbalances and creates greater stiffness. 

The imbalances which sport creates are often the reason that you have to give up your sport so we aim to strengthen your “weak links” and stretch out the stiff parts so that you can enjoy your favourite sport for longer. These principles apply just as much, if not more, to “one sided sports” like golf and tennis.

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