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Joe Pilates originally developed his exercise method for himself, and then applied it to other people. Many of the exercises were adapted from the physical culture of his time. Pilates is a system that works extremely well for the male body. 

We have a very high percentage of men studying Pilates at 
Kinetic Pilates and have male instructors. We offer an Intermediate group mat class for men and many of our group classes have men in them. We also teacher many private sessions to male clients and we offer dynamic challenging sessions. 

For men with desk jobs, who sit for most of their waking lives,
 Pilates is perfect. It has an amazing way of ironing out the stress and strain of work and traveling, leaving you feeling energetic, taller and younger.  Pilates is also an excellent system to help you improve at other exercise or sport you may do from golf, to running, to cycling to climbing. 

We don’t use heavy weights in our training so, if you train long and hard enough, you will end up looking more like a gymnast than a body builder. If you are tight and sore from
 sport, the office or the gym it is a wonderful way of cross training that can challenge you in ways you never imagined. 

 Kinetic Pilates, we offer a full range of classes to enable one to benefit from Pilates regardless of experience, budget or injury

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