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Romana’s Pilates Level V*

Kinetic Pilates Senior Instructor

BA (Hons)

Celina trained as a contemporary dancer and choreographer at the London Contemporary Dance School as well as the California Institute of the Arts, graduating with a First Class degree. During her training as a dancer, Celina began having sessions at Kinetic Pilates firstly in order to prevent injury, considering the often extreme pressures which dancing placed on her body. She later found that it was able to do far more than prevent injury, but to also deepen her understanding of movement. It improved her overall dance technique, strength and flexiblity and lead her to realise that Joseph Pilates’ technique of “Contrology” was exactly the practice that would allow her to move with more integrity and physical intelligence. 

Celina Liesegang undertook her training as a Romana's Pilates instructor in London at Kinetic Pilates with Rebecca Convey (Instructor Trainer Level III), taking the basic and intermediate seminars with Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Trainer Level X) in London. She took her advanced training seminar and final test with Sari Mejía Santo (Grand Master Instructor Level I) in the Hague, Holland. She is a part of the first year of graduates to undertake the Romanas Pilates training at Kinetic Pilates and has been teaching at the studio ever since.

She is passionate about movement in many forms, but is particularly driven by the desire to assist others in moving without pain or limitation. She is particularly interested in working with clients who are dealing with post operative rehabilitation, chronic pain and spinal deformity. 

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