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Romana’s Pilates Level V

Regular Guest Instructor


A native Brit, Jane moved to France in the late 80s, became a trapeze artist and joined the circus. She toured France, Europe, and farther afield for 25 years, not only with circuses but with cabarets, musical theatre, street performances, and events, and starred in TV commercials.


In 2006, she obtained her Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training certification under the mentorship of impressively wise and knowledgeable 1st and 2nd generation Master Teachers of the Method in New York.  She was hired by Academie Fratellini (the French national professional circus training school) to devise and teach discipline-specific Pilates programmes for their apprentices. 


Since then she has been Pilates trainer to the artists on two Cirque de Soleil tours in Paris, worked in a number of Romana’s Pilates Studios in Paris, taught many Mat Pilates in hired spaces and in businesses, including Méteo France and LVMH-Louis Vuitton.​ Jane returns to her much loved and revered mentors in New York almost every year to deepen and further her knowledge. More recently she travels regularly to The Hague to take lessons and workshops with the skilled and talented Master trainers there. 


Jane’s sessions are dynamic, super precise and work deep into the body. Her sense of joy in beautiful movement makes her classes creative and fun. Her years of life experience have taught her empathy and an exceptional ability to connect with her students and get results.


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