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Romana’s Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Instructor

Saskia is a professionally trained dancer, having graduated from
Millennium Performing Arts with a Level 6 National Diploma in Musical
Theatre. After sustaining an injury during a contract Saskia became a
client of Kinetic Pilates, learning and understanding her body and the
movements needed in order to fully recover and then remain injury-free.
Following the Romana’s Pilates method, Saskia instantly loved the mind-body connection that she was able to develop and has since realised the importance of this connection in both preventing, and recovering from, future injuries. Whether participating in a particular form of sport or activity, or simply looking to increase day-to-day strength, Saskia is passionate about helping clients to develop that connection, achieve their goals, and fall in love with Romana’s Pilates just as she has.

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