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Romana’s Pilates Level IV

Kinetic Pilates Teacher Trainer/ Senior Instructor


Caroline Barrington-Ward started her training at Kinetic Pilates in January 2016 with Rebecca Convey (Level III, Teacher Trainer). She had her Basic and Intermediate seminars and exams with Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Trainer Level X) and was certified in The Hague, Holland with Sari Mejia Santo (Grand Master Instructor Level I).

Caroline has a BA in French and Arabic from Cambridge University in 1998, has two children and is a very hands on mother. Her Pilates journey started as a client at Kinetic Pilates and she immediately connected with the Method, loving the feeling of well-being following a session and the mind / body connection that is achieved; having started out looking to improve her running and overall stamina,


Pilates quickly became a central part of her life. Half way through her Teacher Training, she sustained a serious ankle injury requiring two operations and months of rehabilitation. Thanks to Romana’s Pilates, she has made a full recovery and now feels stronger than ever before. Regardless of the reason why a client comes to Pilates, she is determined to help them feel empowered by their ability to control and strengthen their bodies; it doesn’t matter whether you are fit and healthy or injured and in need of recovery, it is her aim to help you achieve your goal.

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