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- Payment comes out by direct debit on 1st of the month.

- Multiple classes can be taken in a week, availability permitting up to the amount of classes outlined by your membership.

- Maximum of 4 or 8 classes (depending on membership) for month. Classes cannot be carried over to the next month.

- Classes run 48 weeks per year.

- 6 months minimum subscription.

- In studio only. (a part from Video Library membership)

- 1 week off at Easter.

- 2 weeks off at Christmas.

- 1 week off in August. (mini schedule may happen during Summer holidays)

- Classes run 48 weeks per year.

- Strict 48 hours cancellation policy, to be able to change .

- Nominate the class you would like to take to guarantee your spot. Freedom to move to other classes depending on availability.

- 1 month trial. Please let us know one week before the month ends if you would like to end your membership.

- 1 month cancellation policy (cancellation must occur by email before payment is taken on the 1st of the month) (ie: for cancellation to begin 1 May, we must be informed in writing before the 31 March)

-Please refer to STUDIO POLICIES for more more.

-For Video Library Membership please check our ONLINE STUDIO POLICIES.

-Kinetic Pilates reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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