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Romana's Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Senior Instructor

Sandra Igel completed her training split between The Hague, Holland with Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Trainer Level II) and Jane Poerwoatmodjo (Instructor Trainer Level III) , and in London at Kinetic Pilates with Rebecca Convey (Instructor Trainer Level IV) and with Stephanie Guimmond (Instructor Trainer Level IV). Sandra was certified by Juanita Lopez (Grand Master Instructor- Level I Instructor Trainer) in Evanston, Chicago. 

Sandra has a Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration and Hospitality) from DHBW in Ravensburg, Germany (2001). 

Working her way through different positions within the hospitality industry, Sandra's passion for people and their needs showed, which turned into skills she now applies in her teaching. 

Having taken Ballet classes from the age of 8, loving to dance, cycle and swim, physical activities are a big part of her life. Sandra's love to help others led her to train and certify as a Kahuna Massage Therapist in 2011.


An unfortunate back injury led her to Pilates in 2012, where she fell in love with the Romana's Pilates Method. Sandra aims to help others experience the sensations and the connection of body and mind that Pilates provides.  

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