Romana’s Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Instructor



Prior to becoming a Pilates instructor Lucy received a BA hons in Fashion Merchandise Management studying at the University of Westminster London and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

During her second pregnancy Lucy could barely walk crippled with pain, after the birth of her Son the pain persisted and after physio Lucy turned to Pilates. Attending regular classes Lucy found it was like a tonic that made movement easier. Wanting to know more Lucy searched for Classical Teachers and made the lengthy journey into London to visit Kinetic. It was worth the trip! After one session at Kinetic Lucy knew there was something very special about the classical work and embarked on regular training at Kinetic Pilates.

The consistency in training led to being not only physically stronger but pain free and more! Lucy soon realised it wasn’t just exercise, the classical system was a gift.  The work was like meditation, clearing the mind, cleansing the body, resetting and strengthening physical and mental wellbeing, a gift for mind body and soul. 


Lucy took her Basic Seminar with Daria Pace (Romana's granddaughter), the Intermediate & Advanced Seminar with Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Trainer Level X), and passed her Basic exam with Jane Poerwoatmodjo and her Intermediate and Advanced exams with Marjorie Oron. 


Whatever your level Lucy passionately believes in helping others move and achieve their goals.


“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained” Joseph Pilates

Lucy lives with her 2 sons and Husband in Essex.