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Romana’s Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Instructor

Frida has been trained in classical dance in Latvia's state ballet school, after her training she proceeded in working for many years as a ballet dancer.

After suffering many injuries Frida had to stop her dancing career. 

The back pain even many years after finishing her dancing career brought Frida to Pilates. 

In fact, Pilates was suggested by the GP as the only thing she could think about to help with her back issues.

 This advice has changed Frida's life. Pilates did help and the pain has gone. 

  Having experienced all the benefits of Pilates for herself Frida was inspired to train as a Pilates teacher.   

   Frida started her training with Rebecca Convey ( Level III teacher trainer) in 2018. She has done her basic test with Jane Poerwoatmodjo ( Level  III ) and her Intermediate and Advanced tests with Marjorie Oron ( Master Instructor trainer Level X ).

Frida is passionate about this amazing method and wants to bring its benefits to each and every client. Frida wants to see every client achieving their goals which brough them to her sessions.  

Frida teaches from both remedial and fitness perspective of Pilates.  Her classes provide challenging work out, while focusing on releasing tension, strengthening and aligning body and concentrating minds.  

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