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Romana’s Pilates Level V

Kinetic Pilates Instructor

Elizabeth comes from a professional dance background having trained at the Ballet Rambert School in London. She first experienced Pilates whilst still dancing noticing immediately the difference the work made to her movement quality - her ability to centre herself and her strength improved.

Once she stopped dancing she moved into the technical side of theatre as a stage manager working on large scale musicals in the West End. During this time she trained as a massage therapist and then undertook a Pilates teacher training. Although she loved this initial training she felt something was missing from the work. 

Elizabeth is an avid skier & first experienced classical Pilates whilst on a trip to the beautiful Canadian Rockies.Wanting to receive the best classical training back in London led her to Rebecca Convey at Kinetic Pilates . After her first lesson with Rebecca she knew that she wanted to  continue to understand how the system had originally been taught. Elizabeth began her Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training at Kinetic Pilates in September 2019, taking her basic seminar with Jane Poerwoatmodjo, and both her intermediate & advanced seminars with Marjorie Oron.

She is completely inspired by the quality of teachers within the Romana’s Pilates community and the way in which they can enrich & deepen the work.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping her clients to enjoy the benefits of Pilates in their daily lives  - whether it’s being able to pick up their grandchildren with ease, garden without pain, or perform to their highest capability on a West End stage.

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